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     I am a survivor of child abuse and kidnapping by a serial

rapist/killer on my healing journey to freedom.  I share my

journey to encourage, inspire and challenge others on their

quest for freedom from whatever holds them captive. 


    When I was kidnapped, I lost nearly everything all at once. 

My family, friends, home, safety, and all familiar surroundings

were gone.  My personal freedom was taken from me, as well as

my clothes.  I was reduced to having only the things I entered

this world owning:  my body, mind and soul.


Through this severely traumatic experience I learned who

I could depend on.  I cried out to the only one who could save me,

God.  He heard my cries for help and answered by saving my life,

my future and my children's future.    


So no matter what your struggle is, whether it be a chronic

illness, an addiction or something else, there is hope.  His name is Jesus Christ and He loves you.




























This website is currently under construction.

Check back often as I'm working on it daily.











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